The EcoRIG Graphic System

A remote operated solution that allows high level banners to be installed safely at ground level without the need for staff to work at height. 

The system successfully removes the risks, costs and disruptions commonly associated with high level banner change overs and allows clients the opportunity to maximise the creative and commercial potential of their high level environments like never before!

The Benefits

- Graphics can be changed from ground level

- No ladders or access equipment needed

- Removes risks, costs and disruptions

- Maximise creativity and flexibility

- Create new advertising opportunities

Video Example

What is the cost?

The material costs outlined below are for the standard stock sizes of the indoor EcoRIG Graphic System. 

If you wish to utilise our bespoke options please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Standard Costs

Driver System Width Graphic Width
1000mm  800mm-1500mm P.O.A.
2000mm 1800mm-2500mm  P.O.A.
30000mm 2800mm-3500mm P.O.A.
Single channel remote 1 channel  P.O.A.
Multi channel remote (5) upto 5 channels  P.O.A.
Multi channel remote (10)  upto 10 channels P.O.A.
Wireless wall switch n/a P.O.A.

Bespoke Options

Outdoor: Ad-Cassette technology allows raise and lower graphics to now be installed outdoors.

Colour: The unit and rail can be powder coated to fit in with your ceiling aesthetics.

Width: Stock system sizes are 1m, 2m and 3m, but the graphic rail can be cut to a custom width.

Rail Design: EcoRIG provide 2 rails but any type of graphic rail can be utilised. 

Drop Height: Standard tape length is 8m. Bespoke tapes can be added to increase max height to 14m.

Plug-and-Play: Simply plug the unit in at ground, no electrical infrastructure works are required.

Control Methods: Remote and wall-mounted controls are available.

Wire Conversion: Robust wires can be installed in place of the standard tape option.