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Topshop Topman - Westfield, Stratford

Topshop Topman - Westfield, Stratford

Topshop Topman - Westfield, Stratford

4 x Display Rafts, 8 x Lighting Tracks and 5 x Graphic Systems

All the EcoRIG systems were finished in black and raised up into troughs allowing the mechanics of our raise and lowering systems to remain hidden from view and blend in with the store aesthetics 


All 17 systems allow the VM staff at the store to lower every high level display and lighting fixture down to a safe working height without the use of access equipment meaning the store can take control of all of their high level fixtures


Andy Phillips, EcoRIG, “We worked with Arcadia at the design stage to ensure we gave them systems which offered them the flexibility to ensure that all future designed suspended schemes were catered for, initially we were only looking at providing solutions for the display team but as the project progressed we worked with iGuzzini to design a lighting raft solution which incorporated all of their high level lighting in the entrances areas."

This is one of the largest projects to date for EcoRIG and we have basically given TOPSHOP/TOPMAN the ability to lower their whole shop front at the touch of button.


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