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Uniqlo - Westfield, Stratford

Uniqlo - Westfield, Stratford

4 x VM Bar Systems and 4 x Light Track Systems

4x VM Bar Systems and 4 x Light Track Systems to allow visual merchandising displays and lighting fixtures to be safely maintained at ground level.
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The Health and Wellbeing Centre - Newcastle-under-Lyme

The Health and Wellbeing Centre - Newcastle-under-Lyme

3 x Lighting Raft Systems

EcoRIG installed 3 x Light Rafts that remotely raise and lower lightbox frameworks down the face of the climbing wall within the leisure centre. Accessing the ceiling from height is difficult due to the nature of the environment and these systems allow all cleaning and maintenance to be carried out safely from ground.
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Merchant Taylor School - Middlesex

Merchant Taylor School - Middlesex

Light Track System

1 x 2m Light Track System to provide lighting to the Merchant Taylor School memorial plaque over the stairwell. The system allows the memorial lighting to be remotely lowered to ground level for safe maintenance to be carried out without the need for access equipment.
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Oasis - Argyll Street, London

Oasis - Argyll Street, London

1 x Display Raft System and 4 x Light Trough Systems

1 x 2.4m2 circular Raft System and 4 x Light trough systems that allow the suspension of display and lighting fixtures within a void in the 1st floor ceiling and along an escalator wall.
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Oasis - Westfield, Stratford

Oasis - Westfield, Stratford

Display Raft System

1 x 1.3m2 square Raft System that allows the suspension of display and lighting fixtures within the centre of the store atrium at Oasis's Westfield Stratford store.
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Topshop Topman - Newcastle

Topshop Topman - Newcastle

6 x Display Raft Systems

EcoRIG installed 6 x 1.7m wide x 0.9m deep x 0.3m high Display Raft systems, these solutions allow displays to be supported over the 8m store front. VM hanging bars, LED spot lights and independent raise and lowering lighting bars were installed on the Raft to increase the flexibility available to the VM store staff.
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